Apple Introduces New AirPords Max

Without a keynote, simply on its website, Apple today introduced new hi-fi headphones, which in this case are no longer inserted into the ear but are of the “headband” type.

As in almost all Apple devices, cables are unnecessary. Operation is wireless, via bluetooth 5.0, although charging is done via Lightning cable (a USB-C to Lightning cable is included). It does not include a power supply to plug it into the electrical network, so you will have to use another that you have at home or connect it to the computer. With a 5 minute charge you will have 1.5 hours of playback, and if you fully charge them you will have 20 hours, either with or without noise cancellation, with spatial audio or talking.

They are headphones specially designed to listen with quality, be it music or cinema, and include adaptive equalization. But they can also be used to talk on the phone, on Face Time …, listening to the voice clearly, even in the wind.

Each of the headphones has a H1 chip with 10 cores to take care of all these functions, improving the sound, equalizing it, avoiding distortion, eliminating background noise … and everything that computational sound carries.

As is logical at this point, they have active noise cancellation, like the AirPods Pro. In that case it should work very very well because in the presentation video they flaunt this feature above everything else. For this it has 8 microphones. Activating and deactivating it is very easy, since they have put a button in the style of the Apple Watch.

It also includes the spatial or three-dimensional audio we’ve already seen with the AirPods Pro, an impressive, jaw-dropping feature for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos content.

The volume control is carried with a digital crown, like the Apple Watch, something that makes it easy to adjust the volume quickly. It also allows:

  • Press once to play audio, pause or answer a call
  • Press twice to skip song
  • Press three times to rewind song
  • Long press to activate Siri

The structure is made of stainless steel, memory foam pads and they are available in 5 colors:

  • Silver
  • Space gray
  • Sky Blue
  • pink
  • Green

In terms of weight, the headphones are 384.8g and the case 134.5g.

They are available from December 15 for € 519.83 in Spain, to which you have to add € 109.17 for taxes (VAT), with which you end up paying € 629. You can add an engraving with text, numbers or emojis at no additional cost.