For all humanity premieres its own podcast on the same day as the second season premiere

Podcat For all mankind

On February 19, the second season of the series will be released on Apple TV + For all mankind, a new season that has seen its launch delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic that stopped filming for several months in the first half of 2020.

With the premiere of the second season of For all mankind, Apple introduces a new podcast format, an idea that has finally materialized and that Apple had in mind for quite some time, a format with which it wants to popularize its series and make them become a wild card for fans.

This podcast It has part of the cast of the seriesas well as real astronauts and space experts. This new podcast is hosted by Krys Marshal, who plays Commander Danielle Pool on the series. This podcast will be launched on February 19, the same day that the first episode of the second season premieres, a new season located 10 years after the first, in the middle of the Cold War.

In the series, the United States and Russia They fight for the resources of the Moon turning the lunar surface into an increasingly militarized point of tension. To this podcast, we have to add the application Time Capsule, an application for devices with LIDAR sensors that the Cupertino-based company launched on the App Store a few days ago.

For all humanity, like Servant, they have been two of the series that best reviews have received However, none of them have been nominated for important awards within the industry, with Ted Lasso being the only one currently competing for a large number of awards, a series that premiered in the middle of last year .