Free up space on your Mac with iCloud

All Apple users who have an Apple ID have a free iCloud account with 5 GB of storage. But, if we want, we can pay to expand said storage to 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB.

Although iCloud space can be used in many ways, it can also be used as file storage. The integration with Apple devices is great, just save the document in iCloud or drag it to the iCloud folder so that you have it available both on your Mac and in the cloud, on the iPhone or on the iPad. The management is fully automatic, you don’t have to worry about anything.

However, when you work with a document that you have put in the iCloud folder, you have opened it, you have edited it with the Mac, it stays both on the Mac and in iCloud. This has an important advantage, which is to access and open it very quickly. But it has the disadvantage that it is taking up space on your Mac’s hard drive.

If you are no longer going to work with certain files because you have finished what you were doing, and you need space because you have a very full hard drive, you can tell macOS to remove that file from your Mac and leave it only in iCloud. Just press Control + Click on the file in question and choose the option “Delete download”.

The file will still be there but you will see that it has a small cloud that indicates that it is no longer on your hard drive but in iCloud.

You can work with the file in the same way as you did until now, it does not suppose any discomfort as a user, simply that when you open it again, if it is very large, you will have to wait for it to download, but if it is small you will not even notice .