How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone with iOS 14

00Dark mode lets you use your favorite apps more comfortably in low-light environments. Thanks to him, decreases eye fatigue caused by the continued use of mobile devices. Additionally, many users use this mode to save energy, taking advantage of the fact that OLED screens are able to completely turn off the pixels in the interfaces that use pure blacks.

It is possible that WhatsApp be one of the applications you use the most in your day to day. Therefore, if you want to activate its dark mode, in this article we will tell you all the possibilities that you have at your fingertips.

WhatsApp dark mode: linked to the system

Unlike the version for Android, WhatsApp for iOS does not allow you to individually choose the mode in which you should work. Therefore, you must necessarily configure your iPhone in dark mode to enjoy it in the WhatsApp application.

To do so, you just have to open Settings and go to the section Display and brightness.

Screen and brightness settings

Then select the option Dark.

Activate dark mode in iOS 14

Immediately, the entire iPhone interface will use dark colors, and in many cases, pure black. If you open WhatsApp, you can verify that the dark mode is already working.

WhatsApp in dark mode on the iPhone

Additionally, you can program the dark mode to activate automatically following a custom schedule. To do this, in the same settings menu above, activate the option Automatic.

Automatic dark mode on iPhone

In Options, select whether you want dark mode to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise. You can also choose a specific time.

Set dark mode on iPhone

Finally, to have a quick shortcut that enables and disables the dark mode of the iPhone, you can use the control center. To do this, return to the application Settings and open Control center.

Control center settings

Scroll through the list of available shortcuts and look for the option Dark mode. Click on the symbol Plus that you will see on the left side to add it.

Add dark mode to control center

Now, every time you open the control center, you will have a button that activates and deactivates the dark mode of the system. By using it, you can change WhatsApp theme on iPhone quickly and without needing to access the iOS 14 settings.

Dark mode in the control center

Remember that putting the method mentioned in this guide into practice will affect other applications, such as Facebook, Gmail and any other that are compatible. Therefore, if you only want to use dark mode in WhatsApp, the best option for you is to add a shortcut to the control center.