In almost every article I write about new Apple TV + shows, series, or movies, I mention the company’s maxim of quality over quantity. But I also mention that the amount is good and that for that reason, Apple TV + is not one of the most requested services in the world of streaming entertainment. Now in an interview with the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph has said that there are no excuses that are worth to lag behind other services.

The Netflix co-founder has been interviewed on Yahoo Finance and has mentioned that there are no excuses for this Apple service to be left behind. We know that the service is not preferred by users and that if you are in good health right now it is because of the free periods of the service and They don’t have much intention of renewing subscriptions. Apple TV + is available since November 2019, but reached only 3% of the market share of streaming platforms in the US, During the fourth quarter of 2020.

Marc Randolph said that Apple’s streaming service “has no excuses” to lag behind the competition, as the company has enough resources to offer a better platform. He praised Disney + for having more than 86 million subscribers in just over a year of operation. The former CEO of Netflix suggested that Apple could do a better job with Apple TV +. He criticized the company and advised that you should invest in more reasons for people to pay for subscriptions instead of offering free periods.

At this time they have the highest churn rate. You can’t keep replacing people, you have to give them a reason to stay. Apple should be more radical in some respects to make Apple TV + a real competitor to other platforms like Netflix and Disney +.