New Macs with M1 can handle up to six external displays at once

The new M1 Macs recently introduced are astonishing locals and strangers. The power and versatility that this new processor is demonstrating exceeds initial expectations. One more proof of this is the possibility of connect up to six external displays at the same time in these models using adapters and specialized software.

Through DisplayLink the youtuber Tulupov has managed to function up to six external screens at the same time

Although it is not an officially recognized ability by Apple, a youtber, Ruslan Tulupov has taught through your Youtube channel the ability to play up to six external displays at the same time on the new Macs with M1 and Apple Silicon.

It has used specialized software, DisplayLink, and many USB adapters and hubs to do this. Until now Apple had mentioned that these new models were capable of working with an external screen in quality up to 6K. With the Tulupov test the screens have worked, some with 4K qualities. A real outrage.

This ability to connect up to six displays has been achieved in the Mac mini model. In the other two models with M1, it has reached up to five screens. The tests that he has carried out show that there are not too many efforts on the part of computers to work in this way.

In the video of the channel, you can see how videos are executed at full resolution at the same time as they are rendered with Final Cut Pro obtaining “amazing” results in the words of the youtuber himself.

So you know, a little more for this new Apple processor that is delighting users. At the moment there are few drawbacks, such as lack of compatibilities. But in terms of performance, which was the million dollar question regarding Intel, these new Mac M1s are making the cut.