They have already managed to use Windows on Macs with M1

Developer Alexander Graf has managed to use the ARM version of Windows on a Mac with M1, showing that indeed the M1 chip can use the Microsoft operating system, and that, as Craig Federighi said, that it can be done without problems is a decision that has to take Microsoft

Currently, Macs with the ‌M1‌ system on chip are not compatible with Windows u and there is no equivalent Boot Camp application like Intel Macs have.

Using the open source virtualizer QEMU, Graf was able to virtualize the ARM version of Windows on Apple’s M1 chip, without the need to emulate anything. As he has said in his tweetOnce virtualized on a Mac with M1 “the Windows ARM64 operating system can handle x86 applications quite well. It’s not as fast as Rosetta 2, but it’s close. “

Graf managed to use the Windows ARM64 Insider Preview version by virtualizing it through the Hypervisor.framework. According Manzana This framework allows users to interact with virtualization technologies without having to write kernel extensions (KEXTs).

Graf applied a custom patch to the QEMU virtualizer, which is known by “Get near native performance” by running guest code directly on the CPU. This means that the ARM version of Windows can be virtualized on M1 Macs with excellent performance.